Mac's Bait

Recipes, filleting and preserving

Fried fish fillet

  • 1 Egg
  • Oil for frying Peanut or corn
  • Coating mix Fluke
  • 1 C cracker crumbs
  • 1 C cornmeal
  • 1 T onion powder
  • 1/2 T garlic powder
  • 1 T red pepper

Put fillet in bowl cover with milk. Soak 2 hours or overnight.
Mix 1 egg and half cup of milk.
Combine coating mixes and put on a large plate.
Dip fillet in egg mixture then in coating. Press coating onto fish firmly.
Set fish to dry on foil or paper towel so they do not touch for about 30 minutes.
Fry in hot oil 375 degrees till light golden. About 10 minutes for a 1" thick piece.


    As with anything the quality of the final product is only as good as the way you handle it. Temperature is the key to quality. The lower you keep the temperature of your fish immediately after catching, the longer its freshness can be maintained and the better the flavor. A cooler and a good supply of ice should be used to place your catch in immediately after landing. If it will be a long time before you can clean of fillet your fish drain off all bloody water and repack in ice. Fish can keep 2 or 3 days if this is done. For the best flavor fillet the catch same day it is caught says Sue of Mac's.


    Using a good quality fillet knife, Dexter stainfree high carbon 8" is my choice, make a diagonal cut behind head. When you feel the backbone cut toward the tail. Do not cut through the skin on tail. Flip fillet and skin away from fish, skin side down. Hold fish, slide knife between flesh and skin. Use your hand to feel for any small bones. Use a small bait knife and cut away any bones you feel. This is an easy and quick way to get a boneless fillet. The above method is good on most species of fish up to about 6 or 8 pounds. On larger flat fish cut down the center along backbone and make two fillet each side. Larger round fish can be steaked after scaling them.